Any City.
Any Conditions.


UBR is born and developed in Norway and shaped by its ice cold winters and rainy summers. In this environment a jacket is not just an accessory, it is a necessity. Our design philosophy is based on Scandinavian simplicity.

Through clean lines and new functional solutions we create a modern technical look that stays in fashion regardless of trends. We work with industrial designers and are as much inspired by premium cars and innovative electronics as luxury goods.

UBR utilizes highly advanced technology to create jackets that make you stay warmer, travel lighter and look sharper.

Our aim is to create your favorite jacket.

Founders Favourites

Dag Tresselt

When I founded UBR in 2009 it was a clear aim to create jackets that would become personal favorites. These days I have too many options from our wide collection but below are two of my “all time” favorites that together will cover you fully through the year regardless of where you are going.

Check out our full range for your own favorite and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or feedback – simply e-mail me at and I will get quickly back to you.

Yours Sincerely

Dag Tresselt

Founders Favourites

EX-3™ Coat

Our EX-3™ Coat is truly cutting edge. Light and versatile and packed with technology including our Business Inside™ pocket system and UltraSonic™ welding. All wrapped up in very sleek Scandinavian design lines. Our most flexible coat – any city, any conditions.


When we originally launched the REGULATOR ™ Parka in 2011 it was the first ever high tech parka tailor-made for the city. Since then we have perfected it through gradual improvements and adjustments and these days we just call it THE PARKA. Extra warm with a very nice cut it is tough enough for a New York blizzard yet light and flexible so also great for traveling.