Coat History

Coat History

UBR’s design is based upon a reflection of what modern executives should demand from their overcoat when they commute or travel, where often relatively short distances can mean large changes in climate and temperature. Historically, people who could afford the best tended to buy certain brands of overcoats, some of which became not only trade names but generic national or even world names. Every epoch had their style leaders, based on available fabrics and technology.

The “Mac” of the early l800’s was the traditional weatherproofed rubberized Mackintosh coat protecting the leaders of the British Empire from rain. Not only in England but during the monsoons in the Far East.

Burberry, which is famous for its gabardine fabric and weatherproofed yarn of its trench coats and its check pattern thrived from the 1880’s and combined elegance with lighter rain protection. They were the first to understand the importance of serving extreme conditions and pioneered the sponsorship of polar and mountain exploration as well as sports

First World War resulted in the trench coat which went on to become an iconic civilian garment, highly popular also in the decades after the 2nd world war. The same happened with the duffel coat pioneered by field marshal Montgomery. The frock coat is a dress overcoat. They were popular in England and were often worn by the American robber barons before and after the beginning of the 20th century.

The duster coat was common in the American West. Dusters were easily washed and canvas was a common material. It has a fellow traveler in Drizabone, the Australian outdoor and riding coat.

A hundred years later technical evolution gives the opportunity to radically improve today’s standard business coat. UBR utilizes new technology to create garments that make you stay warmer, travel lighter and look sharper. A rich history of great brands and innovative products inspire and push us in our quest to make the next generation of coats.

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