UBR is very proud to be the global leader in technical outerwear for traveling professionals pushing innovation further than any other brands.

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Business travel is hard work so you not only need the latest tech tools and the smartest apps, you should also consider your wardrobe. Here is our recommendation to make your traveling lighter and more comfortable.

Perfect Travel

Nova™ Coat

NOVA™ is not only a full year item but also very versatile on business travel as it comes with removable inner lining. Some freedom of choice and extra flexibility on usage.



Just like top athletes only use the lightest equipment you should also go light. Most of the time you are traveling you are inside – airports, planes, taxi’s, hotels, offices and restaurants. When you are outside it tends to be shorter walks so better to be slightly cold for a shorter while than being overdressed for most of the journey. Then instead bring an extra piece of light insulation should you run into a cold front (see layering below). Going light is especially important during winter when traveling from colder to warmer climate zones - with the right outerwear you can cover a lot of territory with one single outfit.


Let your outerwear cover the extra warmth you might need, it is easier to open or remove when you get too warm. Keep your suit and other clothing light but make sure your jacket or coat can handle the conditions


Another top athlete secret – be smart on your layering. We recommend a light wool suit (super 110s to 150s work year around in most of the world). Wool is a great fiber, warm when needed and cooler when not. In shirts we also recommend to stay light – aside from looking sharp, smooth and comfortable next to skin is key – extra fine cottons are never wrong here. We also recommend premium wrinkle free shirts, great to have on the road – should be 100% cotton though.


However finishing off your layering you need to go high-tech on your outerwear. Traditional alternatives like woolen overcoats cannot in any way match modern technology on weight, warmth or temperature range.
UBR is very proud to be the global leader in technical outerwear for traveling businessmen and women pushing innovation further than any other brand out there. We have a large range of jackets and coats and all of them are built for travel - we do however like to highlight one product here that is our travel favorite: the EX-3™ Coat.
It is an exceptional garment and will cover you both through blizzards and tropical rain - do check it out in our product section. Women check out Sphere™ which holds the same performance standard as men’s EX-3™ Coat with beautiful shaping tailor made for you.