Our award winning White Heat™ Parka is a perfect combination of warmth and style. The patented down construction gives maximum heat with a slim tailored look. With super soft 800 fill power goose down and our expedition quality membrane you are ready for the toughest New York winter storm. 

// Insanely Warm


We base our design on meaningful technical innovations and combine it with Scandinavian minimalism to create our own unique look. Seasonal trends dominate fashion today. We aim for a different approach where the design is based on our costumer’s needs. We then seek inspiration in other industries like architecture, electronics and premium cars. To come as close to perfect as possible we invest a lot of time and resource in the research, design and development of each garment. By focusing solely on outerwear we are true specialist instead of collection providers.

White Heat

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We are delighted when our jackets win awards, most recently the Red Dot Design award for our White Heat™ & Redox™ Parka. For this concept we were even granted a patent for our new innovate way to construct down channels. However, more importantly we do get a lot of feedback from costumers all over the world that our coats and jackets do make them travel lighter, stay warmer and even look sharper which makes us very proud indeed. If you are looking for a new favorite jacket, have any questions or feedback we like to hear from you – just e-mail me at  and I will get quickly back to you.

Yours Sincerely

Kari Ngo-Aandal
Head of Product & Design