Care Instructions (Waterrepellent jackets)

Please follow the instructions given on the garment care label – below are UBR’s general wash and care instructions.




Wash at 30°C. Don’t use fabric softener. Wash jacket inside out to protect outside water repellent treatment. If the garment has removable insulation liner, remove it and wash separately.


Dry clean

Do not dry clean.



Do not iron. Use a steamer if needed.



We advise to hang to dry all garments except jackets and coats with down filling. Tumble dry on a gentle circle at low heat with 3 clean tennis balls to help the washed down to rebuild its full insulation performance.


Restore DWR

UBR Jackets are treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating making light raindrops roll-off. Should you after prolonged usage or after washing the jacket want to restore the DWR effect UBR recommends applying a water repellency treatment for outdoor fabrics, available at your local outdoor retailer.