Business Coats

We consider our coats as technical tools to support you in your daily business and travel. With one of our coats, you can go anywhere and be well prepared regardless of local weather conditions.

All our coats are fully waterproof, highly breathable, extra light, and very versatile.

0 / +20° C


The perfect balance of the latest technology and classic design with a trench-like cotton feel.

  • 10.000 mm Waterproofness
  • Regulator™ Laminated Membrane
  • Exceptional Lightness™ 550g


+5 / +20° C

Sky Fall™ Coat

UltraSonic™ welded spring coat.
Full-blooded business coat at a minimal weight.

  • 20.000 mm Waterproofness
  • UltraSonic welded with reinforcements
  • Exceptional Lightness™ 280g


0 / +20° C

EX-3™ Coat

Full-year professional travel tool. A beautifully balanced stretch shell with a winter blazer also covers most winter travel.

  • 20.000 mm Waterproofness
  • Dynamic™ 4-Way Stretch
  • Exceptional Lightness™ 530g