The finest materials combined with the smartest technologies.

  • 20.000mm Storm Protection
  • 16,5 Micron Merino Woven in Italy by L. Cerruti
  • Japanese Bonded Membrane
  • 1000 Fill Power - 90/10 Goose Down

Tailoring meets technology

In the late 18th century tailors started doing business in Savile Row Mayfair, central London creating inventions such as the dinner jacket or tuxedo.
While Savile Row still stands for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men, we today are taking the same delicate materials such as Italian merino and combine them with highly technical components as our Japanese membrane.
Not only to create a luxurious look but also to offer best comfort no matter the weather conditions.

Product highlights

REDOX™ Parka Savile X

REDOX™ Parka Savile X offers best comfort in the coldest conditions even down to -25°C.



REGULATOR™ Parka in our Savile version offers you the most luxurious warmth down to -20°C.



REGULATOR™ Coat Savile is the lightest winter Savile version in our range. It keeps you warm down to -5°C